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Natalie Fisher
Journalist junior

Thanks to about- people.co.uk I found my first job. I finished my career in journalism and I had no opportunities until this website gave me the chance to start working on a newspaper

John Brown
Aegon Sales Director

We are an important company and we need the best service in order to incorporate the best workers to our team. About-people give us that opportunity and now we have many employees thanks to them. One of the best sites on the Internet at all

Glen Greenwald

I was fired some months ago and I have three kids. I choose the option of about-people like my last chance to get a job quickly. Their amazing team helped me to updated and improved my CV and now I´m working again and my family can live better

Nowadays people who are looking for work use xclusively online job seekers, surely this medium has become one of the most useful tools to achieve that goal. Not all companies advertise jobs on all pages or all online job seekers (job search sites) include all available jobs but with our site we assure you that you will find the best companies in the country

If you have lost faith in the effectiveness of job portals, you are not alone, we are here now to help you.

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"To be arranged"  is the first company creating jobsite guides. Its new web about-people.co.uk is the gateway to the labor market on the internet. Find jobs now! You can check our business directory, and seek employment in our job online searcher

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In about-people.co.uk your company can publish all your vacancies for free , create a web page with your company details and search through thousands of CVs to the top professionals in the country .

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We give you some advices

Our group of especialists are going to give you a personal attention a in general we have some advices in order to make your search easy:

Following individuals and companies:

- Follow companies in which you want to work in their corporate profiles in social networks . This way , you get relevant information about the company and also you could find out before other users jobs they could launch. You should also follow industry leaders, professionals with which you can engage in conversation and even explore new forms of collaboration .

- Use key words. In your profile , let yourself be easily found by others using tags , keywords, hashtags, defining your professional value. 

- No lie. The abundance of information available online about each of us makes it easier to identify those who exaggerate or lie on their CVs . It is important not load desperate to find work. It should enhance the qualities and professional strengths , focusing on those aspects that have to contribute.

- Be original . More and more people use our site to find work , so you should be different and bring originality . Include a link to your professional blog, an online portfolio of work done or our own site or YouTube video presentation may involve crossing the fine line between being called for a personal interview or be discarded at the first screening of a process selection .

- Update. It is essential that the profiles in our networks in which information is upon us and are updated to show recent activity. Participate in groups, talking with users , asking professional references to your contacts and never forget to bring value.

Why us?

- One of the great strengths of job search through online job portals , is the economy of time for both candidates and companies . We offer to you an exclusively service, everything can be so fast and immediate that an applicant see the notice , send your background and within minutes the company could be calling you to schedule an interview.

- Thanks to our site optimization you have all the information about your CV online and updated. In this way you handle a database for quick and easy future work.

- We have a perfect database , which are increasingly turning companies. It gives you the possibility of being called back by the same company for another position that best fits your profile.